'I love you to the moon and back'

Happy Valentine's Day! New for February are some Opaque diamond bracelets in either 18ct white or yellow gold. They are very easy to wear, in fact I have been wearing one for over two years!
Bracelets are a great gift for someone who isn't really into jewellery that much as they are quite modest and casual, and if you're not planning on getting engaged then more's the better! 
These are quite small sized (16.5cm & 17cm) so please check your measurements before ordering.

Also, we have added a few rings too, just in case ; )

Not so thrilling, but there's also a new 'JEWELLERY CARE' page which is full of interesting facts about how to care for and clean your jewellery to keep it all nice and sparkly, definitely worth a read if you have already or are planning on buying from RUST Jewellery.

Thanks for reading!