shop renovation

It's been a strenuous time for us this last month, we have been designing a new look for our shop in Tokyo, and Nao went over there for a couple of weeks to get it all done. Our shop was in dire need of a makeover, it hadn't changed in the last 3 years! It all seemed to come together really well me thinks. Nao had the exterior of the shop cladded in wood.

He took over lots of things from the UK such as these light fittings and prints, and painted the furniture, and introduce more plain wood to give a more warm and natural look.

We asked Wako and Hashiba (who look after the shop) to make little wooden price blocks instead of the black plastic ones we used to have.

I love plywood and I think it worked really well to make all these victorian cabinets and bit more modern.

Upstairs, Nao changed the Men's shop to make it brighter and with a bit of an Isle of Wight theme.

shells from our local beach here in Yarmouth!

and we are now also stocking Seaforth Chocolate Co. 

You can see our shop at is was before here and here

If you are ever in Tokyo, I hope you can stop by for a little visit ; )

2 - 19 - 10, Jingumae, Shibuya - ku,
Tokyo, 150 - 000 1