New RUST Shop, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

Last weekend we opened our new Rust Jewellery shop, right here in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight!
It was quite a big project as we did it all ourselves, and with a toddler to look after as well, it was a small matter stressful. Any how, we did it, and here is a little tour of our little shop on this little Island...

(this wall looks a bit sparse because we lost the prints that we bought to put behind the counter!)

I made some pouches and felt whales and fabric crowns in my shed!

and my mister made a brand new leather collection, including this amazing log carrier, with axe and blade protector, it even as a small pocket for your matches!

...and dog lead and travel slippers (the leather will mold to fit your feet perfectly).

...and I made some cards using vintage cigarette cards... can just about see Nao's leather blanket straps with Swiss military blanket!

We are so grateful to all those peeps that came along to our shop opening, and all the wonderful comments we received on Instagram and Facebook, it really spurred us on!
Our dear friend Lizzie made this delicious and beautiful cake for us, exactly what we needed after all the rushing around ; )

So all is going well so far! At the moment our shop opening times are as follows, but we may change it during the winter months depending on how busy we are and if we decided to hire some staff.

wednesday to sunday
12pm - 6pm

(closed mondays & tuesdays)

5, High Street
Isle of Wight
P041 0PL

P.s, I will soon be posting some information about the town Yarmouth, how to get there and things to do around the Island. As soon as I get a spare minute!