the Rust Jewellery caravan

If you follow designer Artemis' blog you already know about our vintage caravan restoration, but if not, then we'd like to introduce you to our new company vehicle!

It's a 1977 Thomson Mini Glen caravan which was built in Falkirk in Scotland. We will be using it for all kinds of things, promoting our jewellery around the Isle of Wight and hopefully London, and maybe even a pop-up vintage shop! So watch this space for updates about where and when we will be showing.

As a kind of test run, we recently attended our local classic car show here in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. We had just 24 hours notice so we just had our Isle of Wight collection for sale there, and we donated some of the sales money towards the Yarmouth Carnival Committee.

It was great fun, I had to dash over from the shop to help out!

I will next be working on some new sign boards and display units for the inside too.

It was a bit challenging to have two littluns there all day, but we bought lots of activities for our toddler to keep amused.

I'll post more about the progress of our caravan and future events on this blog.

You can read all about the renovation on Junkaholique blog here.